NÖKU[1] Group comprises more than 30 artistic and scientific institutions that have developed into strong brands. Most of them have a trans-regional or Central European reach and focus. These organizations are part of NÖKU Group and feel strongly connected through a common outlook. This approach is based on an understanding of the Group’s role as a “challenging community” that has set itself the goal of not only acting as an invigorating force, both internally (within NÖKU Group) and externally (within society), but also to give significant impulses and set new directions on the level of content. In close cooperation with the state of Lower Austria and its Department of Art and Culture, NÖKU Group continually strives to develop and present artistic or scientific projects of thematic and social relevance with a cross-regional or international reach. Committed to highest quality standards, it increasingly also aims to enable genuine artistic work — and thus, starting from Lower Austria, influence the cultural and social landscape of Central Europe.

NÖKU Group sees itself as a modern service provider for artistic and scientific contents, for artists, scholars, and visitors. It strives to present artistic and scientific content in a contemporary fashion, to communicate specifically and adequately with target groups, as well as to offer personal (overall) experiences. Aside from artistic or scientific core content, audiences are treated to attractive services along with a situation that encompasses essential social and communication aspects.

unsere Mission

NÖKU Group defines itself through the artistic and scientific content promoted by its institutions. Diversity and heterogeneity of content are the strengths of NÖKU Group. Aside from the consistent promotion of individual artistic or scientific positions within our Group, above all we aim to identify and harness content-based, communicative, organizational, and financial synergies between individual institutions. We do so in order to establish project cooperations, strategic cooperation, as well as new fields of art, thereby fostering new formats and innovations. In the coming years, the collaborative interplay of the individual institutions of NÖKU Group will make a new creative power palpable and tangible.



[1] NÖ is an abbreviation of “Niederösterreich,” which translates as “Lower Austria,” the northeasternmost federal state in Austria. The KU in NÖKU is short for “Kultur,” i.e., “Culture.”

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